Booth Chat Voice Over Workout 22/11/2022

Nov 18, 2022 | Booth Chat | 8 comments

Hello guys I hope you are all doing well. Here are 3 scripts for the next Booth Chat script practice: Tuesday 22nd Nov 2022 10am UK time.

Zoom link at the end of the post

As always please feel free to bring your own script along to practice, but keep it to about 80 words to allow everyone to get a couple of reads in. Please remember to read through the scripts before the session and choose one to read, make sure you know where the Zoom link is (end of this post) and check to make sure everything is in order and you are ready to hit the ground running! See you Tuesday morning.

SCRIPT 1: As part of the anniversary of 100 years of BMW Motorrad (BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle brand of BMW which has produced motorcycles since 1923) we are creating a film that focuses on the history, the most important milestones and people, the fans and employees.

100 years of BMW Motorrad. That is… 100 years of full throttle.

100 years of curiosity.

100 years of discovery.

100 years of challenges.

100 years of ideas.

100 years of community.

And that’s 100 years of stories. Your stories.

Our stories.

Stories full of passion.

Because all BMW motorcycles have one thing in common. They are developed, designed, and built by motorcycle enthusiasts for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Stories about courageous engineers.

And legendary riders.

SCRIPT 2: Nescafe Internal use video

NDG launches Neo, its next generation of coffee systems. 

It takes the ‘Coffee Shop at Home’ experience to the next level through the unique convergence of high-quality portioned coffee, coffee versatility, sustainability and connectivity.

Neo brings unprecedented connectivity benefits for an in-home value proposition to boost consumer lifetime value like never before.

SCRIPT 3: QNL – Digital Library. This projects requires a voice with a story-telling tonality, focusing more on emotions and genuine passion rather than a corporate voice.

Throughout time, people carried knowledge across continents, contributing to the development of different communities.

Different mediums emerged, documenting findings, research and historical moments

With technology at our fingertips, Qatar Digital Library promises an everlasting hub of archives, ideal for students, professors, researchers, scholars and any individual who is curious about the history of the Gulf region.

Since 2014, Qatar Digital Library continues to serve users from around the world, providing access to millions of digitized images of archived items and historical documents.

Committed to preserving history, Qatar Digital Library is accessible for everyone to witness heritage, legacy and history that is made eternal.

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Tom Fellows is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Booth Chat Script Practice

Meeting ID: 834 308 8274
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    • Tom Fellows


      • johnathan welsh

        Hi Tom, thanks for the invitation to tomorrows script practice. I’m struggling with deadlines again needing to finish a book by Friday and submit another F15 in the same day! I think things will be better next week and I’ll try and tune in then.

        • Tom Fellows

          No problem Johnathan

  1. Anthony Hewson

    Hi Tom

    I’m afraid I can’t make today’s booth chat – MUST make the next one!
    Hope all’s well with the expanded family!


  2. Tom Fellows

    No problem at all Anthony, see you whenever you can next make it along!

  3. Rachel Capell

    Sorry guys, I enjoyed seeing everyone today but I’m not going to re-join the zoom as I’ve spotted an email I need to get to sharpish…

    • Tom Fellows

      No worries Rachel we look forward to hearing you read the next time!


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