Booth Chat Voice Over Workout 8/11/2022

Nov 7, 2022 | Booth Chat | 5 comments

Hello guys I hope you are all doing well. Here are 3 scripts for this weeks script practice: Tuesday 8th Nov 2022 10am UK time.

Zoom link at the end of the post

As always please feel free to bring your own script along to practice, but keep it under 80 words to allow everyone to get a couple of reads in. Please remember to read through the scripts before the session and choose one to read, make sure you know where the Zoom link is (end of this post) and check to make sure everything is in order and you are ready to hit the ground running! See you Tuesday morning.


Supernatural entities and powers are common in various works of fantasy, from tv shows to movies and music videos. Throughout history and across cultures human beings proved remarkably prone to supernatural beliefs and specifically believing in invisible agents. Beings that, like us, act upon their beliefs and desires, but unlike us, aren’t usually visible to the naked eye.

SCRIPT 2: DON’T BUY OUR BEANS. This is part of a script that I think was a commercial but they didn’t make that clear and it was very long.

Our beans aren’t just beans.
They taste like other beans don’t. Make you happy like other beans won’t.
They’re your favourite-feel-good-dinner. Your cosy-rainy-night-ritual.
They stir up good memories.
They’re comfort. On toast.

And that’s why we’re normally the only beans in your basket.
But right now isn’t normally.
With everything that’s happening in the world and to your wallet, you’re choosing
cheaper beans.
And we totally get it. We’re too expensive.
Something you love, but don’t need…..

SCRIPT 3: 30″ TV commercial for an Online Bullion Dealer. Delivery should be authoritative, informative, trustworthy and friendly.

BullionByPost is the UK’s number one online bullion dealer.
Have you ever considered owning gold or silver?
At BullionByPost we make It easy to buy and sell precious metals.
On our website, we offer a wide range of coins, bars and collectables.
Go to
All orders include free, fully insured delivery.
We also offer secure storage.
BullionByPost have delivered over 750,000 orders and have thousands of independent customer reviews.
Join many other customers that trust BullionByPost for outstanding quality and service.
Go to

Zoom meeting

Topic: Booth Chat Script Practice
Time: Nov 8, 2022 11:00 AM Madrid

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  1. Darren Sven

    Wicked resource Tom, more please.

    • Tom Fellows

      Glad you like it Darren.

      • Darren Sven

        Well its OK, dont go overboard.

  2. Brian Feels

    Hey can i join in?

    • Tom Fellows

      Yes of course Brian, welcome aboard!


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