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Hello guys I hope you are all doing well. Here are 3 scripts for this week’s Booth Chat script practice which will be on Tuesday 16th December 2022 10am UK time.

It’s really helpful if you can let me know in the comments section below if you think you’ll be able to come, thanks so much.

Zoom link at the end of the post

As always please feel free to bring your own script along to practice, but keep it to about 80 words to allow everyone to get a couple of reads in. Please remember to read through the scripts before the session and choose one to read, make sure you know where the Zoom link is (end of this post) and check to make sure everything is in order and you are ready to hit the ground running! See you later this morning.



SCRIPT 1: Our client is looking for a warm, friendly and authentic voice for their upcoming product animation. Whilst the video is aimed at professionals and business owners, the tone should be light and conversational (without being too casual).

We are CPiO, one of Sage’s longest standing UK business partners. We specialise in the implementation and support of Sage software for SME’s, like Sage Intacct; the world’s leading true-cloud financial management solution. Sage Intacct allows you to focus on your goals and, well, just running your business! Our team of experts will take the time to get to know those goals to ensure you get what you need from your new software solution.

SCRIPT 2: Firm, confident, Tired of current state of things, ready to inspire change. It can be dramatic, but not overly so. We don’t want it to get too close to “movie trailer” voiceover … Pacing shouldn’t be rushed. It can be patient but not lethargic. This starts as being somewhat frustrated, tired of the way things are, and ready to do something different. Mid-way through the script, this changes slightly and we’re ready to take action. We’re confident, optimistic and eager to do things differently and better.

We waited for hours in line to get the tickets

We were up early to cheer when they were in last place

We stayed for overtime even when the rain kept falling

And still, we had no say…

No say in how our team was run

And still, we bought the expensive seats…

The jerseys

The flags

The posters

But no longer!

No longer will we give our hard-earned money for nothing in return

This is our team, this is our game…and now we want a piece

We want to start a revolution…

We want to “OWN. THE. GAME.”

SCRIPT 3: Social Platform Advertising / Testimonial Video. We are looking for a fun, energetic and youthful VO for an engaging testimonial video for a popular streaming platform. The video is about a specific campaign that took place this year and will be designed to appeal to major brands to advertise in a similar way to this exciting and youthful market..

Almost 2 million viewers joined the party live on Twitch,

watching more than 10 million minutes of Phantom content –

that’s 19 years worth of engagement!

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