Booth Chat Script Workout Tuesday 14th February 2023 10am UK time

Feb 13, 2023 | Booth Chat | 19 comments

Hello guys here are 3 scripts for the next Booth Chat script practice which will be on Tuesday 14th February 2023 10am UK time.

It’s really helpful if you can let me know in the comments section below if you think you’ll be able to come, thanks so much.

Zoom link at the end of the post


You’re welcome to bring along one of your own scripts but please keep the word count to around 80 words and have the script ready to post into the Zoom chat!


SCRIPT 1: Gen Z Gaming Voice. A video campaign celebrating gaming and streaming services, we are looking for a voice with energy and passion while connecting with a Gen Z audience.

To stand out from the competition

UberEats made it their honest mission to feed hungry gamers…

… which are by numbers 34 million people in Germany.

Catching the attention of this hard-to-reach audience isn’t easy though so we had to come up with a plan to reach gamers whilst doing what they love.

Enter Twitch



SCRIPT 2: A happy animation with a warm tone of voice that is aimed at marketing agencies. the voice must be reassuring confident but not boastful.

As usual, your revenue targets have increased. But your budget is stretched as it is.

So now you’re on a tedious trouble-shooting call with Ads Rep Johnny – and the only “advice” he has is to expand your audience and throw more money at the problem.

No thanks Johnny. We’d rather not inflate our ad spend like the price of those bored ape NFTs.

But what if there was a way to drive up performance by spending smarter, not harder?



SCRIPT 3: Videos to teach 10-12yo about Financial Literacy

Money has been around for about 5000 years. Around the world, many factors influence people’s attitudes to it.

People are influenced by their families and the values they learn growing up.

Factors like their own sense of identity, and what their friends think also play a part in influencing their attitudes..

The community and culture we live in also influences us. For example, in the United Kingdom, we have a culture of donating money to victims of emergencies or natural disasters – as well as helping them in other ways.

Zoom Meeting

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Topic: Booth Chat Script Practice

Meeting ID: 834 308 8274
Passcode: JiscVO


  1. Carla Terry

    Half term madness here, hoping to be back next week.😀
    Have fun

    • Tom Fellows

      No worries!

  2. John

    Ill Be there.

    • Tom Fellows

      Glad to hear it John

  3. Sarah

    If I can persuade my chicken pox infected daughter to watch Peppa Pig outside the booth for an hour, I’ll be there!

    • Tom Fellows

      One of the challenges of a VO career people just aren’t aware of!

  4. Rachel Capell

    Can’t make it this week Tom, but hope to make it next week. Have a good one 😊

    • Tom Fellows

      Thanks Rachel

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Anthony, look forward to seeing you!

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Emma!

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Bruce see you later!

  5. Joy Emuan

    Hi Tom, feeling poorly today. See you next week. Have fun and as always, thank you.

    • Tom Fellows

      So sorry to hear that Joy, get well soon.

  6. Sarah

    Sorry Tom, it’s not happening for me this morning; see you all next week after half term!
    I hope you have a great session.


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