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Hello guys here are 3 scripts for the next Booth Chat script practice which will be on Tuesday 14th March 2023 10am UK time.

It’s really helpful if you can let me know in the comments section below if you think you’ll be able to come, thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you there!

Zoom link at the end of the post

You’re welcome to bring along one of your own scripts but please keep the word count to around 80 words and have the script ready to post into the Zoom chat!


SCRIPT 1: This is a brand film for an automotive company. It’s about the mystery and wonder of life, and how all of life’s most amazing moments are made possible by vehicle ownership. More specifically, this is a celebration of the dealers, the ones that hand over the key that unlocks the great adventures of life.The read should be rooted in this idea of mystery and suspense. It shouldn’t feel corporate or overly enthusiastic.

Where does amazing begin?

Does adventure really begin where the road ends?

To go back… back… back… to the very beginning.

The unforgettable memories, the connections big and small, the things we treasure most, all started somewhere else.

The endless search for wonder. The journeys embarked on. Experiences shared with the ones we love.

Dreaming. Exploring. Embraced with open arms.

So, where does amazing begin? It begins here, with you.

You hand over the keys that unlock a world of possibilities.

The catalysts for a life well-lived. Without you, amazing isn’t possible.

Because for our guests, the promise of tomorrow is only possible if you…

Lead Today.


SCRIPT 2: Walmac Farm – regional tv commercial. Looking for a voice for a reflective and dynamic commercial for a Thoroughbred Farm in Kentucky–Walmac Farm.

(Notes: Warm, peaceful, reflective)
Its presence fills the air.
You can see it in the lush, verdant paddocks.
Hear its whisper in the trees as the sun’s rays dance in the leaves.

The potential for greatness…
…It’s part of the land.

(Notes: Building in intensity)
This is where stories begin.
Where first steps lead to thrilling finishes.
Where the ancient bond of man and equine is forged.

Walmac Farm.
It’s more than just “land.”
It’s a legacy.


SCRIPT 3: A video to explain how to use SEO correctly, the voice needs to be engaging and interesting.

Welcome to this video about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In this video, we’ll explore how search engines work, the types of search results, the customer journey, the benefits of SEO and its metrics, and how organic and paid search can work together.

But before we dive in, to understand SEO and what ‘search’ actually is, it’s important you know a few key definitions first. So, let’s start with the first and most obvious…”

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  1. Carla Terry

    Hi Tom,
    I can’t make it tomorrow unfortunately, I have a meeting with the school.
    See you next week,
    Carla x

    • Tom Fellows

      No worries Carla I appreciate you letting me know.

  2. Jane Wing

    Hi Tom,

    I can’t make it this week – sorry. Hope to see you the week after. Have a good one!


    • Tom Fellows

      Ok Jane thank you for letting me know! Look forward to seeing you soon

  3. Anne-Lise Kadri

    Hi Tom
    I won’t be able to make it unfortunately as I’m meeting with a new client tomorrow and it was the only time they could manage!
    Hope the session goes well – see you soon.

    • Tom Fellows

      No worries Anne-Lise, good luck and see you soon

  4. Cindy Hughes

    Hi Tom, I’d like to join please.
    Thanks so much

    • Tom Fellows

      Excellent, see you in the morning Cindy

  5. Oonagh

    Hoping to be along!

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Oonagh!

  6. Anthony Hewson

    Afternoon, Tom! I’ll be there. Thanks, as ever, for arranging:)

    • Tom Fellows

      Glad to hear it Anthony

  7. Bruce Fielding

    I’ll be there all things being equal!

    • Tom Fellows

      Good news and thank you for letting me know Bruce.

  8. Rachel Capell

    Hey Tom, sorry for the late response but yes I’m planning to pop along in a bit 🙂


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