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Hello guys here are 3 scripts for the next Booth Chat script practice which will be on Tuesday 4th April 2023 10am UK time.

It’s really helpful if you can let me know in the comments section below if you think you’ll be able to come, thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you there!

Zoom link at the end of the post

You’re welcome to bring along one of your own scripts but please keep the word count to around 80 words and have the script ready to post into the Zoom chat!


SCRIPT 1: For our Lumin rebranding project we are looking for a talent that sounds refined, suave, and sophisticated…We are thinking of a sound like Idris Elba, Christian Bale, Harry Styles and Jason Statham. Must sound confident! So please keep in mind these men when recording.

Getting choked up by a complicated skincare regimen?
Here’s a bright idea form Lumin: the Dynamic Duo.
Simply cleanse and hydrate and ditch the snake oil.
Lumin. Brilliant men’s skincare solutions.
Try for free at

SCRIPT 2: Company description for online profile video. A short description of a company to voiceover a video to be used on a company’s website. Light, informative, clear voice needed – male or female.
Online use, company website only

MegaGroup is a leading wholesaler of water equipment and solutions serving installers, professional end-users, resellers and original equipment manufacturers.

MegaGroup’s offering includes crop sprinklers, pumps, high-pressure piping and underfloor heating, as well as water filtration, storage and transportation services.

Built to last, MegaGroup’s water management systems deliver optimised performance and lower operating costs, with minimised downtime, maintenance, and water loss.

SCRIPT 3: Tutorial video on how to use a platform

The Council of Europe monitoring bodies play a vital role in safeguarding human rights.
They enable the Council of Europe to ensure that its standards are being implemented, identify where there are gaps, and propose recommendations to member states.
They produce a wealth of valuable information which can be accessed through the HUDOC database.
This video will show you how.

2hr Zoom Meeting

Tom Fellows is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Booth Chat Script Practice

Meeting ID: 831 6778 9307

Passcode: 079563


  1. Emma Griffiths

    I can’t make it tomorrow, sadly! Have a great session though!

    • Tom Fellows

      That’s a shame Emma but hopefully see you soon.

  2. Judith

    Hi Tom, I hope you are well.

    I am hoping to make it this week – if I do, I will need to leave on time.

    Best wishes

    • Tom Fellows

      Great news Judith and thanks for letting me know.

  3. Carla Terry

    Not sure I’ll make it this week, Easter holidays! unless I can hide away from the kids.

    • Tom Fellows

      Thanks Carla, see how it goes.

  4. Sion Dayson

    Hi Tom. I should be able to make it tomorrow! Looking forward to it 🙂

    • Tom Fellows

      So glad Sion!

  5. Oonagh

    My Tuesdays have fallen out of alignment unfortunately! I can’t make this one, hope it’s a lovely session!

    • Tom Fellows

      That’s a shame Oonagh, will you be able to attend in the future?

  6. Sarah Bowers

    I can’t make tomorrow sadly but I hope it’s a great session.

    • Tom Fellows

      Thanks for letting me know Sarah

  7. Anthony Hewson

    Sorry, Tom, I’m tied up this morning. Next week without fail! Have a great session:)

    • Tom Fellows

      Thanks Anthony, see you next time

  8. Rachel Capell

    Hey Tom, thought I was going to make it today but little one on Easter hols has tied me up somewhat, hope you have a great session though 🙂

    • Tom Fellows

      No worries Rachel, see you next time


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