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Apr 5, 2023 | Booth Chat | 4 comments

Hello guys I want to get some feedback and ideas from you.

One of the most valuable aspects, for me, of running and attending the guest coaching sessions here at Booth Chat is that I get to “test drive” a coach before I actually have to part with any money! I’ve personally gone on to do private 1-2-1 coaching with 2 guest coaches that have hosted sessions with us and I know this has been the case for other members of Booth Chat too.

I’ve got a wish list of my own, of people that I intend to ask to do free workshops at Booth Chat, and I’m slowly working through it. But I’d love to get suggestions from you, some of your dream coaches. Maybe there’s someone you’ve always admired and would love to work with one day but you’d really like to see them in action before committing to private coaching with them? It could be in any genre of VO too.

I’m aware that many of the best are based in the USA and and that’s not a problem, but if you can think of any UK or Europe based coaches that would be really useful too!

Help me grow the list!

Simply make your suggestions in the comments section below and I'll see what I can do!


Thanks for your help guys!


  1. Anthony Hewson

    Hi Tom

    You’ve arranged some tremendous coaches already, adding extra value to the Booth Chat group. There are perhaps a few others I can think of – and I don’t know if you’ve had them as guests before I discovered your group.
    Alicia King, here in the UK, is really sharp and insightful (she may have guested already…or it might be another group I’m thinking of!)
    Mary Lynn Wissner (US) is AMAZING.
    Scott Parkin (in the US) is brilliant for improv (I’ve attended a workshop of his in the past) and, I suspect, comedy scripts.
    Lori Allen (in the US, and again I’ve attended a workshop) is great for character work, particularly animation.

    • Tom Fellows

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Anthony. These all sound fantastic, the only one I’ve heard of is Mary Lynn Wissner, I would love to get her to attend! I’ll definitely add the others to the wish list, thanks again for the suggestions!

      • Judith

        Yes, definitely Alicia – I haven’t experience of the others. And I would also add also Emily Jardine.

        • Tom Fellows

          Thanks so much Judith. I’ve actually got both Alicia and Emily booked in for sessions later in the year! Look out for those dates soon.


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