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Hello guys, here are the 2 scripts for this week’s Booth Chat, which this week will be on Thursday 25th May 2023 10am UK time. You’re welcome to bring along one of your own scripts but please keep the word count to around 80 words and have the script ready to post into the Zoom chat!

Don’t forget there is a new format now, it’s not first come first served anymore but there is a structure that will keep things in order:

    • 1 hour session
    • Anyone can attend whether they read or not, you do not need to let me know if you’re coming but of course it does help 😉
    • The first 5 minutes will be a meet and greet
    • I will ask for a show of hands to see how many want to read (there will be a maximum of 9 reading spots available)
    • We’ll use the alphabet to select who reads from those with raised hands and divide the remaining time accordingly (we’ll be using the Zoom timer that we can all see)

Also it’s really helpful if you can let me know in the comments section below if you think you’ll be able to attend, thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you there!

Zoom link at the end of the post


SCRIPT 1: Gamer Case Study. Need to have high energy and an upbeat tone, but not overly dramatic. The project is about gaming and gaming challenges, so serious mature tones need to be avoided. Avoid speaking in a children’s story telling way.

He’s the biggest character in the history of video games
And his hotly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie was about to debut!
To drive awareness and to get people lining up at the cinema, this iconic moment needed a celebration in an iconic setting!
First Universal Pictures found a familiar location in the heart of Paris: the Centre Pompidou and dropped Mario’s mystery blocks and unmissable green pipes to create an immersive experience.
Hundreds of passers-by joined in the fun…
The campaign helped to break records for the largest number of tickets sold for a video game adaptation in France!
Good Game & well played Mario!

SCRIPT 2: Voice over required for a UK TV commercial (30 second read), the brand advertised is a Negligence Claim Firm. The voice should be thoughtful, reassuring and professional and slightly expressive. Story Information *** We see a customer at home worried about a negligence claim, they are looking at an app on their phone which could help their worries. They look concerned as 3 dark animated creatures called “Worry” “Confusion” and “Uncertainty” loom over them. The following script is read in voice over…

This is Worry, Confusion and Uncertainty.
They’re stopping victims of medical negligence from making a claim.

Because when faced with a misdiagnosis or a hospital mistake, many don’t know where to start.
At ‘Medical Claim Brand’ we’ve created a free confidential assessment that let’s you know if you could get the green light on your claim
So let Worry, Confusion and Uncertainty go
And get the green light on your claim at Medical Claim Brand dot com.

Zoom Meeting

Tom Fellows is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Booth Chat Script Practice

Meeting ID: 834 308 8274
Passcode: JiscVO


    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Tom see you there

      • Anthony Hewson

        Sadly I can’t make this one, Tom, but I’ll be keen as mustard for next week’s Chat:-)

        • Tom Fellows

          Thanks for letting me know Anthony, see you soon

  1. Emma Griffiths

    I’ll be there, too! 😊

    • Tom Fellows

      Good news!!

  2. John

    Hi Tom I will definitely be there & On Time (Car Sorted MOT Done).

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one John thanks for letting me know

  3. Romi

    Look forward to joining in. Thanks !

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Romi

  4. Judith

    Hi Tom, I am going to need to play this morning by ear (excuse the pun!) for various reasons.

    • Tom Fellows

      No worries at all Judith, thanks for letting me know

  5. Chloe

    Hi Tom
    I’d like to join but may be a few minutes late – I don’t want to be a disruption though so let me know if you’d rather I just came on time next time! Thanks 😊

    • Tom Fellows

      Not at all Chloe, please come along anytime that suits you. The only thing is that if we’ve already selected the maximum 9 readers for the hour then you may not be able to read.

      Thanks for letting me know

  6. Rachel Capell

    Hi Tom, sadly I won’t be able to make today but looking forward to getting back into it next week.

    • Tom Fellows

      No worries at all Rachel, thanks for letting me know


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