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Hello guys, here are two scripts and the recording (at the bottom of the page) of this week’s script practice session which was on Tuesday.

Tuesday or Thursday?

Thank you everyone who voted for your preferred day. The results were very close but Tuesday is still the most popular day with 57% of the votes. Thursday is actually my preferred day, and I still may have to change it in the coming months, mainly due to childcare duties and family logistics, but for now the sessions will continue to be held on Tuesday mornings at 10am UK. 

Recording the Sessions

There have been many requests to record the sessions so that people can review them at a later date. I am very much in favour of this and intend to start doing so. However, I understand that some of you may not want your reads or even your faces to be uploaded publicly so in the interest of privacy I will only upload an unlisted video meaning it will not be viewable by anyone who does not have the link. Please contact me privately if there’s anything you’d like to discuss about this, I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable!

New Format

Don’t forget there is a new format to the weekly sessions which we’ve tried and tested, and it works pretty well:

    • 1 hour session
    • Anyone can attend whether they read or not, you don’t have to tell me you’re coming but it helps 😉
    • The first 5 minutes are a meet and greet
    • I ask those who want to read to click the “raise hand” emoticon and there will be a maximum of 9 reading spots available.
    • We use the alphabet to select who reads from those with raised hands- this week starts on letter ‘T’
    • We’ll divide the remaining time between however many readers there are using the Zoom timer that we can all see.




SCRIPT 1: A 20sec video about the AirUp bottle that’s not a water bottle. The video goes on to explain what it is if not a water bottle. Usage of the recording- Instagram UK and Germany

Meet air up®
It’s not a water bottle.
It’s a new way to bring flavor to water.
All through scent-based taste.
We were gonna call it an experience-flavor-through-retronasal-olfaction-aka-your-sense-of-smell bottle®.
But we couldn’t get the Insta handle.
So went for air up® instead.
Try it now at air dash up dot com.

SCRIPT 2:Online – Brand website, B2B site, Youtube & social. The video will be a 2.5 minutes, documentary-style video highlighting a partnership between a flooring manufacturer and a Texas-based winery and rhino conservatory. We will detail the threat to rhinos in the wild, explain the partnership, and detail a playful product demo done at the rhino habitat. The voice should be able to convey the emotion of the threat to the animals, but then transition to a more playful, but still informative, tone for much of the script. Looking for a bit of a nature documentary vibe (similar to something you might hear from David Attenborough).

90% of rhinos have been killed in the last 40 years by humans alone.
It is time to change the narrative…To turn tragedy into triumph.
Meet Blake. Blake is a happy resident of Rhinory, and has captured our hearts with his friendly personality and undeniable charm.
Blake put SmartStrand to the ultimate test as we gave his barn a comfy makeover.
The softest, most durable, easiest to clean carpet on the market…toe to toe with the world’s messiest 4-year-old.


  1. Chloe Gilgallon

    Hey Tom
    Can’t get there this week because of half term

    Also – I didn’t tell you my preferred day which would actually be Thursday too!

    Hopefully see you next week!

    • Tom Fellows

      Ok Chloe, thank you

  2. Bruce Fielding

    As always, delighted to read, Tom.

    Tuesdays are better for me, too.

    • Tom Fellows

      Great stuff!

  3. Anthony Hewson

    Hi Tom

    I’ll be there tomorrow, looking forward to seeing you:)

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Anthony

  4. John

    I should be there barring any misshaps Tom

    • Tom Fellows

      Thanks John

  5. Paul

    Thanks for adding me to the list. I’m midway through moving at the moment, so won’t make it this week.

    • Tom Fellows

      No problem, look forward to meeting you soon.


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