BOOTH CHAT SCRIPT WORKOUT Tuesday 13th June 2023 10AM UK

Jun 12, 2023 | Booth Chat | 8 comments

Hello guys, here are the 2 scripts for this week’s Booth Chat, Tuesday 13th June 2023 10am UK time. You’re welcome to bring along one of your own scripts but please keep the word count to around 80 words and have the script ready to post into the Zoom chat!

Don’t forget there is a new format to help keep things moving and I’ll be recording the session (in the interests of privacy I will only upload an unlisted video meaning it will not be viewable by anyone who does not have the link):

    • 1 hour session
    • Anyone can attend, reading or not
    • First 5 minutes – meet and greet
    • Those who wish to read select at bottom of Zoom screen (maximum of 9 reading spots available).
    • Use alphabet to select readers from those with “raised hands”- this week starts on letter ‘U’
    • Remaining time divided among selected readers and use Zoom timer that we all see.

It’s really helpful if you can let me know in the comments section below if you think you’ll be able to attend, thanks so much.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you there!

Zoom link at the end of the post


SCRIPT 1: Voice over narration highlighting the loneliness and depression of a lone tracker in a forest. Delivery: Depressed, tired, dead man walking. Reference (Tone):

They blazed the trail just to glory in the ash
Trading the future for cold, hard cash
Too few of us stood in protest our voices choked and stifled beneath the hack and roar
Of their clamouring greed, their axe and saw
Whisper, tempest, teardrop, flood.
crawling through vine, through time, through blood.

SCRIPT 2: We’re producing a video for our client in the cybersecurity industry. This video will be shown at our client’s customer conference. We’re looking for a VO read that is confident, uplifting, driven, promising

Most people think cybersecurity just stops bad things.
At Company X, security moves the world forward.
By securing millions of employees and hundreds of millions of transactions each day on the Zero Trust Exchange.
So what can we secure for you?
With your users, secured…
Remote access becomes radical productivity and business intelligence helps you take care of business.
For the world’s third-largest airline, securing its workforce means that next dream vacation is secured for takeoff.

Zoom Meeting

Tom Fellows is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Booth Chat Script Practice

Meeting ID: 834 308 8274
Passcode: JiscVO


  1. Jennie Dyer

    ✋ finally I can make a session

    • Tom Fellows

      Great news Jennie. Sorry I may not have been clear enough, we’re using raise hand ✋ during the actual session!

  2. Ras Gohil

    Hi Tom, I dont think I will be able to attend the session tomorrow as have to take my mother in law to the hospital. I will join if I make it back in time. Hope it all goes well:)

    • Tom Fellows

      Okay Ras, thank you for letting me know. I hope all goes well with your mother-in-law.

    • Tom Fellows

      Well done for reading Naomi, you were excellent! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon.

    • Tom Fellows

      Great news!


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