BOOTH CHAT SCRIPT WORKOUT Tuesday 27th June 2023 10AM UK

Jun 26, 2023 | Booth Chat | 13 comments

Hello guys, here are the 2 scripts and the recording (Unlisted, so not publicly available) for this week’s Booth Chat, Tuesday 27th June 2023. Thanks to everyone who came along and helped make the new format work beautifully! I honestly feel like it was one of the best Booth Chat sessions we’ve ever had!

Below is the summary of the new format which is all about keeping things moving and making sure everyone who wants to read gets the opportunity.

  • 1 hour session
  • Anyone can attend, reading or not
  • First 5 minutes – put your name down to read and make sure you have already done a cold read before we begin.
  • If you arrive after 5 minutes past the hour you won’t be able to read.
  • Use alphabet to select readers from those interested (this week in reverse order starting on ‘T’).
  • Divide remaining time among selected readers and a volunteer will keep time (Bruce?).
  • Much stricter on timings to avoid overrunning and ensure everyone gets to read!
  • Can we please all be mindful of the limited time and keep feedback brief!

Watch the recording below the scripts


SCRIPT 1:CR7 – Herbalife. We are looking for confident voice over. Social reel on Herbalife social media channels.

[Open on Cristiano Ronaldo drinking CR7]
The drive to be your best.
Demands the best.
The best team. The best performance. The best drive.

[Cut to Ronaldo working out]
CR7 drive.
Specially formulated with Cristiano Ronaldo to help you perform, execute and live your best life.

[Cut to Ronaldo drinking CR7]
Built for the best.

SCRIPT 2:The voice and tone should be warm, engaging, and charismatic, a naturally smooth and velvety timbre that easily captivates listeners. Delivery should feel both authentic and evocative, clear and articulate, with pitch and pacing modulated to maintain interest and drive the narrative forward. The overall tone should take on that of a storyteller – it should feel very engaging, but with a reserved passion.

• Storyteller approach / Engaging with a reserved passion
• Read calmly with confidence
• Subtlety is key
• Authentic
• Authority/Expertise on the arts

• Over the top enthusiasm
• Commercial Inflection
• Guide the listener with a heavy hand

It’s the morning of April 28, 1873
In the heart of Vienna Hotel Imperial is just waking up
The lobby buzzing with anticipation
The emperor of Austria has requested something different this morning, something never created before.
The kitchen is thrown into frenzy… the master chef at one station, flicking through recipes, the pastry team inverting mousses and pulling out elaborate molds.
Meanwhile, a young pair of hands finely whips a chocolate cream… Thinly sliced almonds…
Layer upon layer….
added with the utmost passion.


  1. Anthony Hewson

    Hi Tom

    Well-chosen scripts, as ever… I’ll be there and, as always will put my hand up to read, but I’ll need to scarper by 10:50.
    See you tomorrow:)

    • Tom Fellows

      Cheers Anthony! No worries

    • Tom Fellows

      I just had to use script 2 because of that industrial strength direction! There’s not much they haven’t included 😂

    • Tom Fellows

      Glad to hear it John

  2. Nicola Whichelow

    I’ll be there and would like to read as always- hahaha

    • Tom Fellows

      Thanks for letting me know Nicola

  3. Judith

    Hey Tom, thank you 😊 I may struggle to join you today. Enjoy

    • Tom Fellows

      No worries Judith I appreciate you letting me know

  4. Anne-Lise Kadri

    Hoping to be there – looking forward to participating too if time 🙂

    • Tom Fellows

      Great news

  5. Vicki-jo Eva

    Really hoping to finally make it along today!!

    • Tom Fellows

      Glad to hear it Vicki!


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