Booth Chat VO Workout Tuesday 26th September 2023 10am UK.

Sep 25, 2023 | Booth Chat | 11 comments

Hello guys, here are the 2 scripts and the recording from this week’s Booth Chat, Tuesday 26th September 2023.

Another brilliant session, and as Jane quite rightly said just before she left at the end “You’re all Fab!”


Below is the summary of the new format which is all about keeping things moving and making sure everyone who wants to read gets the opportunity.

  • 1 hour session
  • Anyone can attend, reading or not
  • Maximum of 9 readers
  • First 5 minutes – put your name down to read, do a cold read before we begin.
  • If you arrive after 5 minutes past the hour you won’t be able to read.
  • The alphabet selects readers from those interested (this week Starting on K).
  • The remaining 55 mins will be divided by however many readers there are (9 readers = 6 mins each, 8 readers = 7 mins each etc.)
  • Please keep feedback brief!
  • Because of the way we do things at Booth Chat there is a chance that you might not get to read every week so make sure you check which letter we’re starting on this week, it should give you an idea of your chances of reading.



SCRIPT 1: Trailer-Style, Fantasy-Inspired Company Video. We are looking for a VO artist for a trailer-style video being used internally for tech company, and will have a fantasy-adventure-inspired motif. The video is intended to speak to the challenges that the company faces and overcomes.The VO, lyrical and with much gravitas – think the classic, sagely wizard (male voice – Gandalf / female voice – Kate Blanchett in LoTR). The voice and delivery should should encourage a call-to-arms, giving its audience goosebumps much like a real movie trailer.

It was an exciting time, and a confusing time
A time of hope, but also of doubt, fear, and uncertainty.
When the path to victory was laid out, but we couldn’t see the entire road before us.

SCRIPT 2: Director’s cut advert. This VO needs to be told like a story with emotions and dynamism. This voice over is for my director’s cut of an advert that I shot. It will not be used by a brand or aired.

Everyone of us dreams. Some of us chase them.
What we know for sure is that we’ve always been driven by dreams.
We turned them in reality. It’s what made us race towards brave ideas and has driven us towards audacious concepts.
We’ve always been for the bold, the bright and the brave.
We have consistently challenged established norms and been undoing what’s always been done.
Together, our vision will shape the future with vibrancy and innovation.
Embrace this opportunity, unlock your potential. We’re just getting started.


    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Emma

  1. Carla Terry

    I can’t join you this week, hopefully next Tuesday.
    Have fun!

    • Tom Fellows

      Ok thanks Carla

  2. Chloe

    Planning to attend – thanks Tom!

    • Tom Fellows

      Glad to hear it Chloe

  3. Gregory Dwyer

    Will see you there. Always up for a read if the schedule fits. Thanks Tom.

    • Tom Fellows

      Glad to hear it Greg!

  4. Nicky

    Hi – not able to attend this week. Have a good one.

    • Tom Fellows

      Ok Nicky thank you

  5. Judith

    Tom, hoping to join today…typically, we may have a contractor here just at the wrong time…we have been given a 3 hour slot that clashes with your session today….HOPE to see you


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