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Hello guys, here are the 2 scripts and the recording for this week’s Booth Chat, Tuesday 3rd October 2023.


Below is the summary of the new format which is all about keeping things moving and making sure everyone who wants to read gets the opportunity.

  • 1 hour session
  • Anyone can attend, reading or not
  • Maximum of 9 readers
  • First 5 minutes – put your name down to read, do a cold read before we begin.
  • If you arrive after 5 minutes past the hour you won’t be able to read.
  • The alphabet selects readers from those interested (this week Starting on letter J).
  • The remaining 55 mins will be divided by however many readers there are (9 readers = 6 mins each, 8 readers = 7 mins each etc.)
  • Please keep feedback brief!
  • Because of the way we do things at Booth Chat there is a chance that you might not get to read every week so make sure you check which letter we’re starting on this week, it should give you an idea of your chances of reading.



SCRIPT 1: Book project. There will be one :30 and 3 :15 spots. Looking for a ‘character’ read. Not sales sounding. Quirky with a hint of a smile in the delivery..

For a truly immersive experience …
… try a book from bookseller.
Featuring no software updates …
… and no notifications.
Just carefully considered texts …
… and hand-drawn maps, with no tracking.
Dive in to timeless versions of Game of Thrones …
… Pride and Prejudice …
… Jurassic Park …
… Howl’s Moving Castle …
… and hundreds more.
Cookies optional.
But recommended.
These are forever books: no upgrades needed.
Find yours at

SCRIPT 2:Overview: handling a vehicle. These are 2 tutorial videos for a large group vehicle, with a tutorial for using the vehicle and a driving recommendation tutorial.
Each tutorial will last 2 minutes, so 4 minutes in all.
Tone: Educational, it needs to be natural.

It’s time to start your Renault Master Van H2-TECH.
To start your vehicle, press the brake pedal, then turn the key. Make sure your gear selector is in the neutral position, and turn the key until the “GO” is displayed.
If your vehicle’s battery is charged to 100%, your fuel cell will not start immediately. It will activate automatically once your traction battery drops below 80%.


  1. Kate De Quidt

    Sadly I will miss this one but hope its a great session.

    • Tom Fellows

      Ok Kate hopefully we’ll see you soon

      • John

        I should be ok this week if im not to late to put my name down

        • Tom Fellows

          Nice one John. Just to remind you of the new structure- you put your name down in the opening 5 mins of the session and then the alphabet chooses who reads. Let me know if you need a better explanation (I know I keep changing things, it must be confusing for you all!)

    • Tom Fellows

      Glad to hear it Chloe

  2. Sarah Bowers

    I’m afraid I can’t make tomorrow but I hope it’s a great session!

    • Tom Fellows

      Ok Sarah, thank you

  3. Romi

    Yes, look forward to joining in.

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Romi. I’ve made a point of reminding myself about the 9:30 script practice!!!!

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one, thanks for letting me know👍 Congrats on all the Vox nominations!

    • Tom Fellows

      Nice one Emma

  4. Gregory

    Planning on being there Tom. Thanks

    • Tom Fellows


    • Tom Fellows

      Great news Joe


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