What is a Booth Chat Voice over Workout?

Booth Chat is a voice over script practice group for committed and focused voice over artists who:

  • meet regularly via Zoom
  • practice reading voice over scripts
  • give one another constructive feedback
  • become more successful voice over artists!

It’s FREE and easy to join, either via the Facebook Group, by clicking the button below, or emailing me, Tom Fellows.

Practice reading voice over scripts together FOR FREE

We meet each week to practice reading voice over scripts together. We give each other constructive feedback and performance direction ideas in a variety of different genres of voice over. It’s a safe place to try out the many different skills required to be a successful, modern voice over artist. Why not take a look at a recording of a typical session, click here to see a recent recording.

We also host guest coach workshops with some of the top names in the business! Recent guest coaches include Sean Pratt, Kim Handysides, Dian Perry, Helen Lloyd, Samantha Boffin, Christi Bowen, Yvonne Morley, and Christopher Tester to name but a few.

I truly believe this group can help you become a better Voice Over artist and ultimately win more work!

But never mind me, this is what our members say…

Working as a voice over can be remote and often the only feedback you get on a script read is either getting or not getting the job. With our practice reads we help each other to test different styles and tones with like minded members to help you improve what you love doing even more.

It’s also good to meet, even virtually, even more people in the industry; the social aspect is positive and there’s also the chance you might recommend another regular participant for a job… I’ve recommended a number of fellow voice over artists for gigs over the years, some of which have gone on to book the job.

As well as all the social stuff (which is amazing!), listening and reacting to other people’s interpretations and approaches to scripts has so many positives. For a start, a) you realise everyone has their own style – which is both comforting and reassuring, plus b) you can learn so much from feedback to other people – stuff that can be helpful to your performance, c) you also get to become a listener not a performer – and get to feel how an audience might respond to a particular script, and d) you get comfortable performing with (and to) other people and responding to their ideas.

I feel very comfortable doing directed sessions with clients now and a lot of that is due to reading in front of others in these sessions, also you learn how to take direction without taking things personally, even if you don’t agree, and often in ways that you hadn’t considered before.

It can give you the chance to practice scripts you might not normally read, it’s a good warm up, practicing your craft regularly is important- so that you don’t get into a rut, I learn a lot from just listening and watching other people, a sense of camaraderie and support when you mostly work on your own. A good habit to have!

It’s a safe space to try out new things. I think we often pick scripts to read which are outside our comfort zone, and the feedback helps us to push ourselves into sometimes surprising ourselves with good reads. It’s very easy when you work in isolation to stick with what you know but pushing ourselves makes a massive difference. And this group has some great people who provide really useful constructive feedback. Also listening to other people read can really give you great ideas and things to try out yourself

It’s amazing how sometimes the feedback you get for a ‘bad read’ that was maybe outside your comfort zone can actually be very positive and change the way you see yourself as a performer!

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