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A British Male Commercial Voice Over Service provided by Tom Fellows

As a professional male voice over artist Tom has voiced TV, Online and Radio commercials throughout his career. No matter on what platform or media your ad is running Tom has the conversational, commercial sound that resonates with viewers and listeners alike. His ability to bring a trustworthy quality to brands keeps him busy in the commercial voice over genre. From Turkish Airlines to British Seniors to The Royal Mint, Tom’s list of happy clients continues to grow.

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Commercial Voice Overs By A British Male Actor

Tom Fellows is a highly collaborative, professional and versatile male voice talent who has lent his vocal talents to a wide variety of commercials throughout his career. Tom has the authentic conversational commercial sound that clients know will resonate with viewers and listeners of television, radio and online commercials.

His ability to bring a trustworthy quality to brands keeps him working consistently in the advertisement voice over genre. From Turkish Airlines to British Seniors to The Royal Mint Tom’s impressive list of satisfied commercial clients continues to grow.

An Authentic Voice For Your Product Or Service

With many years of professional commercial voice over experience Tom has been trained by some of the most respected coaches and acting teachers in the world. His audio has been used on TV and Radio commercials as well as Youtube ads and other social media and internet advertisements.

Tom is practiced at delivering commercial copy as if it is part of a real conversation, as if he has an arm around the shoulder of a friend or family member as he chats in a warm manner. Being a father of three little ones Tom understands the power of good story telling and how even a commercial script has its own story which ebbs and flows.

In these trying times your commercial needs a voice that can be trusted. An assured and relatable sound, that’s warm, friendly and smooth.

Engaging Consumers One Commercial at a Time

There are few things that reflect the styles and trends of life more than commercials and as our world continues to change, brands need to adjust to the needs of consumers and this is where Tom’s versatility is the key to him being successful in the niche of commercial voice over. With so many different advertising voice over jobs available, you need to be able to set yourself apart from the competition and Tom is at home reading an ironic sketch type script as he is a straight ahead, serious read.

British male commercial voice over artist

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Retail, hospitality, manufacturing and beyond, Tom is comfortable reading for clients in a wide range of sectors from large corporations to smaller businesses running local or national campaigns. Reach out today for a custom audition or quote.