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A British Male eLearning Voice Over Service provided by Tom Fellows

Learning or as it’s fast becoming known now “Digital learning” is something that almost all of us will engage with at some point during our lives. Learning online is more commonplace now more than ever before, and not just because of advances in technology. Due to the limitations brought about by Covid19 all manner of industries are looking to Digital learning to enhance, and expand their educational content.

These industries include Healthcare, Technology, Retail and eCommerce, Education, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Manufacturing, Construction and more.

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Hire Tom for eLearning Voice overs because…

The digital learning industry has had to be at the cutting edge of finding new ways of reaching, teaching and engaging all kinds of people around the world. And just as clients in every industry are looking for a more diverse range of voices for their projects, online learning is no different. 

Before starting his career in Voice over Tom ran two successful businesses and taught English as a foreign language in Spain for several years so he comes to the microphone with a wealth of experience and understanding of how to impart information clearly and help people learn without boring them, keeping them engaged and awake!

The Challenge of eLearning

Keeping a learner’s attention is a huge challenge, thankfully choosing the right voice over to complement your elearning material can be a very simple but effective way of keeping your audience tuned in. When you need an eLearning narrator to breathe life into your elearning modules, corporate training programs or elearning videos, Tom Fellows can give you the appealing sound you’re looking for and help you avoid the typical stilted or measured reads to something way more natural and engaging.

A Relatable British Voice To Enhance Your Project

Tom reads eLearning scripts as if he IS the trainer and tries to anticipate the attention ebb and flow of those listening always looking for opportunities to inject some humanity, warmth and even humour into his reads, because ultimately he cares that the listener really learns!

Got an eLearning Project in the pipeline?

Tom always has in mind that there is another person in this dialogue, and as he speaks he really tries to elicit responses from the audience and this approachable quality will make your next eLearning project accessible and engaging for every listener. Reach out today for a custom audition or quote!